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ANDalyze adds Vice President of Sales to manage revenue growth and global distribution opportunities for heavy metal water testing technologies.


Champaign, IL, USA, January 9th, 2013:  ANDalyze  has hired Kanaiya Naik as Vice President of Sales. Mr. Naik will manage all revenue generative activities, including global sales channels and direct sales. Mr. Naik comes to ANDalyze with a deep knowledge of the global water quality market. He will assist the ANDalyze management team in broadening the scope of sales operations and developing productive relationships with regional distributors and key sales partners. Mr. Naik comes to ANDalyze with senior level experience, from Hach Hydromet, Thomas Scientific and Merck. He has previously lead international sales teams and produced revenue growth in these companies.  His knowledge of the Asian markets will be key to ANDalyze’s strategy going forward.

“The capabilities and experience that Kanaiya has brought with him to ANDalyze will enable us to penetrate key water quality markets. Our technology for testing heavy metals in water is revolutionary. Combining this new technology and Kanaiya’s connections and understanding of the market will surely position us well to grow the company towards its goals”, said Bill Thalheimer, CEO, ANDalyze.

Kanaiya Naik can be reached at: Email:,  Mobile: +1 970 541 8557

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ANDalyze expands product sales into China and Australia

Champaign, IL, USA, September 28th, 2010: ANDalyze sensor/Fluorimeter platform solution for
simplifying the on-site testing and analysis of water for heavy metal contamination is now being sold in
China and Australia as a replacement to more time consuming testing methods such as
electrochemical and reagent testing methods that require significant training. This new product
requires no special knowledge of chemistry, and produces no hazardous chemical waste and shows
test results in less than one minute, greatly reducing operational testing time and cost for the water
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Breakthrough Technology: ANDalyze Introduces Real-time Water Testing for Heavy Metals Powered by DNA

Champaign, IL, USA, October 6th, 2009: ANDalyze has developed an innovative heavy metals sensor platform technology for water testing powered by DNA technology. The technology replaces older time consuming methods for water testing that required knowledge and use of chemicals. The company’s product is a combination of a hand-held, ruggedized fluorimeter and a DNA sensor that gives highly accurate readings in less than two minutes. It meets US EPA standards for accuracy and specificity of target contaminants such as lead (DNA sensors for other contaminants will be available in the near future). This solution is ideal for both government water resource authorities and industrial / corporate operations where accurate water testing is a critical requirement. This product, the AND1000 Fluorimeter, is a breakthrough in efficiency, testing accuracy and ease-of use. No special skill or knowledge of chemistry is required to operate the device and no hazardous chemicals are used. Read More


DzymeTech (now ANDalyze, Inc.) Receives Small Business Contract for New Environmental Technology

CHICAGO, June 13 /PRNewswire/ — U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 5 recently announced that DzymeTech Inc. (now ANDalyze, Inc.) of Champaign, Ill., has been awarded a $70,000 contract for its nanotechnology-based test kit for lead in household paint and dust. The company is one of ten in Region 5 that in total received more than $1 million in funding from the 2006 EPA Small Business Innovation Research program.  Read More


DzymeTech (now ANDalyze, Inc.) Startup Based on NSEC Technology
A startup company called DzymeTech (now ANDalyze, Inc.) has recently begun the steps required to commercialize technology for highly sensitive and selective colorimetric sensors for a broad range of molecules including Pb2+ and adenosine. 
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