ANDalyze Adds Cadmium Detection to its Growing List of Heavy Metals Sensors for On-site Water Quality Analysis

September 17th, 2013 by Steve

Champaign, IL, USA, September 17th, 2013:  ANDalyze bolsters its DNA-based sensor/Fluorimeter platform solution for simplifying the on-site testing and analysis of water for heavy metal contamination with the addition of a cadmium (Cd) sensor. This expands its capabilities which already include sensors for lead (Pb), copper (Cu), Mercury (Hg), uranium (U) and zinc (Zn). The product, which requires no special knowledge of chemistry to use effectively and produces no hazardous chemical waste, is used in a variety of water quality applications such as the testing of mining runoff water, groundwater, surface water, industrial waste waters and sea water. To view the full press release click HERE.

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