ANDalyze, Inc. demonstrated its Water Quality Measurement Technology at the WATEC conference in TEL AVIV

September 20th, 2017 by Steve


ANDalyze is positioned to make a large impact on the problem of lead in drinking water, enabling municipal and industrial customers to detect and measure harmful concentration of lead and other heavy metals in any water source, to well within US EPA regulatory limits. ANDalyze is looking for partner companies for distribution and commercialization of its products.

Champaign, IL, USA, September 20, 2017: ANDalyze, a water quality measurement
company, participated in the Water Technology and Environmental Control (WATEC)
conference that was held in Tel Aviv, Israel on September 12 – 14, 2017.

The company, located in Champaign, Illinois, uses technology developed by the University
of Illinois to determine the level of lead and copper and other metals in water. As an Illinois based company, ANDalyze showcased its technology along with other local companies in
the Illinois exhibition pavilion that was sponsored by the Office of Trade and Investment of
the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.

ANDalyze was represented by Steven Naylor, Director of Product Management and Technical Sales, along with Mark Kropilak from the private equity firm, Mazarine Partners, who is an Advisor to the ANDalyze Board of Directors. Other Mazarine partners, John Robinson and Tami Fratis also attended the WATEC conference and participated in related events, including a delegation from the City of Chicago where Mayor Rahm Emmanuel was a major spokesman for cooperative and inclusive innovation, and delegations from the Pennsylvania Department of Commerce and the Philadelphia-Israeli Chamber of Commerce.

ANDalyze was pleased with the contacts made at the WATEC conference and the interest generated by discussions at its exhibition pavilion. ANDalyze has already commercialized a hand-held device that can measure the level of lead and copper in schools and day care centers, on-site in real-time, along with determining the level of other metals in various types of water. The company has the ability to determine the level of E.coli and bacteria in water and is in the process of finalizing an online device that will allow automatic monitoring of drinking water sources at locations within a water network.

ANDalyze is seeking partners and investors so that the company may expand its cost effective water quality measuring technology to more customers and applications. The company has expanded on its platform-technology, metal-focused sensors to show the additional potential of the technology through the development of E.coli and bacteria sensors, and is in the process of finalizing an online device that will allow automatic monitoring of drinking water sources at locations within a water network unattended for 30 days.

Other discussions during the WATEC event included potential investors, grant providers and a data communications company that can collaborate with the pending ANDalyze online measurement system. For more information about ANDalyze, please contact Steven Naylor, Director of Product Management and Technical Sales, at email address and phone number 484 529 5715.

ANDalyze Inc.
ANDalyze offers products for testing and measuring water contamination using catalytic DNA sensor technologies. The company developed methodology for detecting and quantifying chemical levels based on the recent discovery of the catalytic properties of DNA. This technology and products, which have been validated by industry and through the US EPA, is a universal platform that offers simple, fast, cost effective and reliable detection of trace metals and other target chemicals. Additional contact and product information can be found at

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