Breakthrough Technology: ANDalyze Introduces Real-time Water Testing for Heavy Metals Powered by DNA

October 6th, 2009 by Steve

Champaign, IL, USA, October 6th, 2009: ANDalyze has developed an innovative heavy metals sensor platform technology for water testing powered by DNA technology. The technology replaces older time consuming methods for water testing that required knowledge and use of chemicals. The company’s product is a combination of a hand-held, ruggedized fluorimeter and a DNA sensor that gives highly accurate readings in less than two minutes. It meets US EPA standards for accuracy and specificity of target contaminants such as lead (DNA sensors for other contaminants will be available in the near future). This solution is ideal for both government water resource authorities and industrial / corporate operations where accurate water testing is a critical requirement. This product, the AND1000 Fluorimeter, is a breakthrough in efficiency, testing accuracy and ease-of use. No special skill or knowledge of chemistry is required to operate the device and no hazardous chemicals are used. Read More

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