ANDalyze metal test kits are designed for use out of the box for testing of Drinking Water; however they can be used for Environmental Water analysis with some minor protocol modifications.  Tests have been performed in the following water matricies:

  • Surface Water (rivers, lakes, ponds)
  • Ground Water (wells, aquifers)
  • Hard or Very Hard Water (multiple sources)
  • Treated Wastewater (municipal & metal finisher) – Finished or treated and diluted tenfold
  • Seawater (from the surface, not the sediment/water column interface)

Each matrix type may require one or more of the following pre-treatment kits. Please see our Enviromental Water Testing Solution Note for guidelines and requirements for each matrix.  Kits may be purchased from ANDalyze or individual components purchased through a scientific supply company.

ANDalyze Dilution Kit

  • (25) 50 mL Self-standing sample tube
  • (25) 5 mL Syringe
  • (1-Liter) Reagent grade water

ANDalyze pH Adjustment Kit

  • Sodium Hydroxide Neutralization Solution, 1% (w/v) sodium hydroxide in a dropper bottle
  • Nitric Acid Neutralization Solution, 1.5% (w/v) nitric acid in a dropper bottle
  • pH paper

ANDalyze Filtration Kit

  • (25) 0.45µm Nylon filter, 25 mm diameter (Nalgene)
  • (25) 20 mL Syringe
  • (25) 50 mL Self-standing sample tube
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