Subscription Plan

Sign up for a plan today to receive a NEW AND1100 fluorimeter as well as a sensor kit of your choice delivered to you each month.  At the end of the subscription term the fluorimeter is yours to keep.



  • 12, 24 and 36 month terms are available.
  • Monthly sensor kit delivery in volumes of either 25 or 50 sensors.
  • Pay same low monthly amount during the term.
  • Payments will be automatically withdrawn monthly through a credit card or Paypal account.
  • ANDalyze will automatic deliver your sensor kit each month (based on volume option selected).
  • If customer exceeds their monthly volume, customer can request the next shipment to be expedited with no penalty (up to the term maximum)
  • ANDalyze will send the same sensor kit type as the previous month, unless the customer changes their sensor selection prior.
  • At the end of the term the customer will own the fluorimeter.
  • Any new sensors that we will make available will automatically be eligible for the customer to select without any increase in price.
  • Sensor renewals can be ordered without penalties at the same low sensor price.
  • ANDalyze Accessory Kits (Filtration, Dilution, pH Adjustment, etc) can be ordered at discounted rates and shipped with your kit at no charge.


  • No big capital outlay upfront.  Shift expenses from capital to operational budget.
  • At the end of term you will own the fluorimeter.  This is a lease to own, not a rental.
  • Improved sensor shelf life.  No storage required.  Deliver on demand.
  • Change your sensor type at any time.  Monthly choice of sensors to send for the following month.
  • New sensors are made available without a price increase.  You may discover new products within existing plan.
  • Order additional sensors at any time.  If your monthly usage exceeds your chosen volume plan, you may move up your shipments without affecting your monthly cost.

Click the Subscribe Now button below to sign-up today.  Click the Update and Accessories button below to 1) change your existing type of sensor, 2) request additional sensors to be shipped with your monthly delivery, and/or 3) to order Accessories such as Filtration, Dilution and pH adjustment kits.



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at, or at +1 832.456.4100 US Central Standard time.

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