Release Notes

As ANDalzye regularly adds new features and products to our offerings, communication to our customers and markets, explaining these changes is very important.  So to help make these changes easily accessable, please find below all recent release notes:

AND1100 Fluorimeter Release Note (9/1/14)

Cadmium Sensor Release Note (8/29/13)

Firmware Version 2.3.0 Release Note (7/1/13)

Fluorimeter Case (New) Release Note (6/24/13)

Fluorimeter Case Release Note (1/1/13)

Zinc Sensor Release Note (10/4/12)

Online Quoting Release Note (10/1/12)

Firmware Version 2.2.0 Release Note (9/28/12)

Accessory Kits Release Note (4/25/12)

Firmware Version 2.1.0 Release Note (12/8/11)

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