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ANDalyze offers products for testing water contamination using catalytic DNA technologies. The company has developed a methodology for detecting and quantifying chemical levels based on the recent discovery of the catalytic properties of DNA. This technology and product is a universal platform that offers simple, fast, inexpensive and reliable detection of trace metals and other target chemicals.

Water Testing Innovation
Protecting public health by providing safe drinking water to citizens served by community water systems is and will always be a serious concern of government agencies, public water suppliers and private industry around the world. At ANDalyze we are very aware of these requirements and the need to make the on-site testing of these water supplies easier and more reliable. To accomplish this goal we have developed a completely new way to test water for contaminants that greatly reduces the time, effort, cost and complexity of testing water samples for contaminants such as lead in drinking water, environmental water and industrial wastewater. Using DNAzyme technology applied to heavy metals testing in water, ANDalyze has developed a DNA sensor technology that test water samples within 2 minutes giving you results at the push of a button. This breakthrough method enables water testing and reporting to be accomplished in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional heavy metals testing methods, and requires no particular skill set or knowledge of chemistry. We all want access to drinking water that meets acceptable standards and confirm the levels of disposal before it affects the environment. ANDalyze is meeting that challenge by providing the industry with a tool that speeds the process, dramatically reduces the cost per test, and simplifies the steps needed to assure that the world’s water supplies are safe and free of harmful contaminants.

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