Lead Measurement in Industrial Water in China

Customer: Environmental Protection Institute of Light Industry (EPRILI) – Beijing

Application: Measuring Heavy Metals in Industrial Water (Battery plant)EPRILI Photo

Description: EPRILI is located in China’s National Administration of Light Industry (NALI). The EPRILI is a comprehensive research institute, which concentrates on technology development and other services in light industry. As part of a joint project ANDalyze and EPRILI conducted a field study on industrial water samples using the ANDalyze product and comparing it to an ICP-MS laboratory measurement.

Problem/ Task: Wastewater was collected from 3 battery plants in different locations in China, which include both treated and untreated wastewater. The company purchases lead ingots and manufacture power accumulator batteries. The main processes include milling, mixing paste, casting plate, coating board, charging, assembly etc.  Water samples were collected by EPRILI staff and refrigerated (without acid preservation). The samples were subjected to simple pre-treatment steps using standard protocol provided by ANDalyze for testing wastewater.

ANDalyze Solution: The ANDalyze Fluorimeter and sensors confirmed the presence of lead in the water samples. The results were then compared to ICP-MS results for the same samples. The results are shown below for ANDalyze lead testing kit vs. ICP-MS in wastewater samples. The ANDalyze solution compared very well to ICP-MS.

Sample # Dilution ANDalyze kit resultaverageµg/L ICP-MS resultaverageµg/L RPD (%)
1 100 37 32.8 6.02
3 100 38 38.7 0.913
4 10 5 9.53 31.2
5 10 28 27.6 0.719
6 10 7 10.2 18.6
7 100 18 22.8 11.8
8 10 <2 1.31
9 10 70 82.1 7.96



  • The ANDalyze solution enabled readings and results in a few minutes at the remote site
  • Easier, less time and lower cost than transporting samples to a laboratory
  • Correlation with lab results was very high and fit the needs of EPRILI
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