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Heavy Metal Sensors

Sensors and Kits
Each disposable color-coded sensor is designed for a specific heavy metal test target. Kits provide sampling tubes, syringes and cuvettes. Sensors, supplies and fluorometer are also sold separately. Call for ordering information. ANDalyze’s proprietary Catalytic DNA sensors use a DNAzyme reaction mechanism that fluoresces in the presence of a target contaminant substance such as lead. The fluorescence of the reaction is measured to determine the toxicity of the target heavy metal and is reported in parts per billion (ppb). Using the product to test for lead is a simple, quantitative test that allows for detection of lead at or below EPA standards for lead in drinking water.  The test is performed by taking a 1 milliliter water sample, injecting it through the sensor housing, and into a culture tube. This sample is then automatically analyzed by the fluorometer, and quantitative results are reported in less than one minute.






Available Parameters:

   Heavy Metal Detectable Range Part Number
Lead 2-100ppb AND010
Uranium 2-60ppb AND011
Copper 40-200ppb (Low) &
0.6-3ppm (High)
AND012 (Low) &
AND013 (High)
Mercury Pass/Fail at 2ppb
(up to 50ppb)
 Zinc 1-15ppm  AND015
Cadmium 0.1-1.0ppm AND016


Additional Parameters in Development:


And, more parameters as the market demands…


Basic Kit with Fluorometer

8528 with ANDalyze logo




AND1100 Fluorometer

Our second generation fluorometer, the AND1100 Fluorometer enables field testing to be done in two steps in less than two minutes, eliminating or significantly reducing test expenditures, complexity and wait times experienced in traditional heavy metals water testing. It is a breakthrough in streamlining the water analysis and reporting processes and its powered by DNA.
The AND1100 Fluorometer is a platform centric hand-held device for heavy metals testing for drinking water and industrial water supplies. It uses an extremely sensitive measurement technique to determine the toxicity levels of heavy metal contamination.
AND1100 Handheld Meter



  • Simple, one button push for on-site, detection and analysis of heavy metals in water
  • No specialized user training
  • Less than 2 minutes to test result
  • Capability to re-sample quickly
  • EPA Award winning Technology – Meets EPA testing requirements
  • Highly sensitive and selective
  • Test results can be downloaded via USB connection
  • Rechargeable through USB connection
  • Reduces time to begin remediation action
  • Environmentally friendly; no harmful reagents


How to purchase:

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