To help address questions and improve our products and documentation, ANDalyze is continually updating our support utilities which include:

Technical Questions

Questions pertaining to the technology or applications please email us at or if an immediate need, please call us at +1 832.456.4100

Questions concerning pricing and availability should be directed to sales. See our Contact Us page for information.

Order Status or Account Questions

Questions pertaining to your current or previous orders please direct you call to our sales staff. See our Contact Us page for information.

Firmware Updates

ANDalyze is continually adding new features and options to the fluorimeters through new firmware updates.

To update your ANDalyze fluorometer firmware, please log in to register your device.  Once logged in, you will see the option to update your device.  Just follow the instructions.

Test Result Download Software

The InstraComm application was developed by Autonomous Innovations, Inc. and a complimentary “Lite” version has been made available with the purchase of  any ANDalyze handheld fluorometer. This software allows users to download live sample results from the instrument.  To download your complimentary version of InstraComm Lite, please log in to register your device.  For additional information and operating instructions see InstraComm Lite Solutions Notes (See download page).

For those needing a more comprehensive program such as those required for laboratory results, we offer ANDLogger.  ANDLogger is a downloadable software which allows users to launch and record live sample results, download all sample results from the fluorometer and perform related configuration tasks.  This software can be used to extract raw fluorescence which can be exported (Excel) for external analysis.


For a list of Frequently Asked Questions visit our FAQs page.


ANDalyze regularly updates and adds new literature such manuals, brochures, technical data sheets, solutions notes, and case studies.  Documents are available for download on the downloads page.

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