EPA Verification

ANDalyze technology has been extensively benchmarked against industry standard spectral methods within the USEPA’s Environmental Technology Verification Program (ETV) in a full range of water types including drinking, environmental, and wastewater effluent.  The US EPA issued a report on the evaluation testing that concludes ANDalyze DNAzyme products provide a valid water quality measurement alternative for certain applications, such as lead measurement in drinking water at the point of use.

Copy of ETV Overview

Copy of Full ETV Report

For regulatory compliance reporting purposes, the EPA requires laboratories to undergo a certification process for analysis of  drinking water samples.  Consequently, even for EPA-approved methods and technologies, compliance testing for reporting purposes MUST be completed in an EPA certified laboratory that performs proficiency testing for each method and passes periodic on-site audits.  While the certification process for specific laboratory-based technologies is rigorous and EPA compliant, it overlooks the frequent need to measure water quality on-site and in real time, and generally precludes timely corrective action.

On-site real-time measurement is increasingly desirable, particularly when reporting protocols are secondary to timely cost-effective remedial action that protects human health. When turnaround time, simplicity, low cost, pinpointing water quality deviations, and implementing timely corrective action is the goal, then deployable on-site measurement technology is a natural solution and a complementary approach to EPA methods for compliance reporting.

Key attributes of on-site measurement technologies are:

  • acceptable sensitivity, accuracy, and precision to enable confident remedial action
  • speed and immediacy of actionable results using a variety of easily trained personnel
  • avoidance of the need and extra costs to collect, preserve, label, transport, and document samples
  • per analysis costs of less than $10 vs. up to $75 for certain types of analyses
  • results in 90 seconds vs. turnaround time often measured in weeks for lab protocols
  • ability to screen a majority of samples allowing focus on the small %age of samples that can either be immediately actioned or prioritized for laboratory verification

Laboratory protocols and on-site testing can be viewed as complementary.  While, some applications do require legally reportable results to comply with regulations, including all community water systems that must prepare and deliver an annual Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), many high priority water use locations such as schools and homes do NOT require this.  If further legal, reportable confirmation is required, a duplicate sample can be sent to a certified laboratory for verification.  Using ANDalyze on-site technology and methods to quickly and efficiently confirm safe drinking water locations and pinpoint those that exceed EPA limits, can allow immediate action or verification, cost savings, and timely protection of human health.

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